Vulnerability Assessments

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What is Vulnerability Assessments?

Vulnerability Assessments serve as a diagnostic into your tech stack, revealing all the potential misconfigurations, unpatched services, and insecure services that you may have.

A thorough vulnerability assessment also yields insights about internet facing assets of your organisation, and information about your organisation that may have been accidentally
indexed on the public internet.

VAPT : Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

• Testing is conducted by highly skilled technical auditors as per the guidelines in NIST SP  800-115
• The auditor assumes the role of a modelled adversary
• Full professional reporting with KPI’s, CVSS scores, and objective benchmarks

Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Test

Although often used in the same sentence, these two activities are different. A Penetration test identifies the potential impact to your organisation from a breach caused by a real world adversary. A vulnerability assessment, on the other hand will identify all the internal vulnerabilities within an organisation/application/infrastructure. Organisations with a low level of IT maturity are advised to go with a Vulnerability Assessment first.