Fortify your organization

‘The Human Layer’, can either be your strongest asset, or the weakest link in your cyber infrastructure. The most modern technological cyber defenses can be bypassed by human error. 

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Anti-Phishing Service

The most effective practise to counter the threat of phishing, is to conduct anti-phishing campaigns. In such engagements, we step into the shoes of your adversary, sending various types of phishing emails to your executives and employees, with a slight difference! When they click on our phishing links, instead of stealing credentials or delivering malware, they are directed to short informational videos on cybersecurity!

Research says it takes 7 repetitions for a concept to stick in our mind. Corporates regularly lose millions of dollars per year due to phishing attacks. Fortify your workforce with our ongoing Phishing As A Service. We send targeted phishing emails to key employees. When a link is clicked, it takes them to an informational page on phishing and how to best mitigate this risk

For the whole organisation

In order for cybersecurity to be truly effective, the entire organisation should be aligned on cybersecurity. We conduct engaging trainings on cybersecurity across the entire organisation. We train management teams, IT personnel, security teams and the employees on different subjects related to cybersecurity.

While our trainings are bespoke for each organization, the common categories and descriptions are as follows

Everyone :

Digital hygiene in personal and professional environments
• A non-technical training on best practices for maintaining good digital hygiene that can go a long way towards maintaining data security in the workplace and at home
• Best practices with regard to email, mobile, web usage,
• Bring Your own Device environments – the dangers of mixing corporate and personal digital ecosystems
• Best social media practices
• Understanding your global digital footprint
• Anti-phishing/social engineering training

Managment :

Talks on cybersecurity strategy, how and when to invest in security.

IT Workforce (Sysadmins/ Devs/ Security) :

High -tech and state of the art security training covering most technical domains. We are fully capable to write and develop bespoke training programmes as well as practical assessments for recruitment.

Gamified Cyber Range :

Hands on practical cybersecurity training through open source toolsets to understand offense and defense. We host our own virtual environments in the cloud where participants can safely and legally practice hacking and defending systems. Specific training on best security practices related to their technical domain (for eg. Networking, ICS / OT systems, Web Application security, secure coding practices, offensive computing skills, defensive computing, AI cybersecurity)