Security Operations Centre

Full Visibility and Control from a single location. We build SOC’s on premises, or in the cloud.

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Building a SOC

Gathering all logs, sensor data, endpoint feeds into a centralized location.  Defining baseline, writing alerts and action pipelines 

Managing SOC

 Outsource your SOC and save big on in-house talent. Use our certified  professionals to run your Security Operations Centre, and get only the  important alerts and inputs that you need.

Open Source Toolsets

Today, Open source toolsets are at par, if not better than their closed-source counterparts. The benefits of open source go well beyond initial cost savings.
Full visibility of source code means that we can positively verify that there are no backdoors or malicious entries in the code. We always recommend open source tools for mission critical operations.

2020 and 2021 have highlighted some of the downsides of proprietary security solutions. SolarWinds, SonicWall, FireEye and Checkpoint are some of the largest cybersecurity names in the world. Compromise to their supply chains led to breaches in numerous high level entities such as the US Govt.
Full visibility of source code reduces such risks.