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Empowering Infrastructure

We pride ourselves in defending critical infrastructure that keeps the fabric of society together. Powerplants, and energy transmission systems are our speciality. We specialise in technical penetration tests of live powerplants, and implementing security controls around OT systems while preserving continuous uptime and resilience. We have onsite experience across this industry and are a trusted partner in managing OT security operations, incident response and resilience.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing: Proactive simulations on active power plants, identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

► Robust OT Security Controls: Implementation of state-of-the-art security measures tailored to the unique demands of the energy sector.

► Resilence Assurance: Strategies and systems designed to guarantee operational continuity under all circumstances.

Security testing operational technology systems comes with it’s own set of challenges and requires different skillsets, tools and approaches. R.U.D.R.A has a very strong operational technology wing, having audited Maritime systems, Power Plants and Wind Turbines in the past, we can handle your requirements with ease.

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