Operational technology

Operational technology is the technical term for cyber-physical systems.

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Why Operational technology?

Industries have adopted the IoT revolution and are increasingly putting control and monitoring systems online for ease of operation and
reduced operational costs. Everything from factories, refineries, ships to planes, satellites are becoming a part the internet.

ICS and SCADA systems are common targets of state sponsored cybercrime as the effects can of such an attack can have direct impact on the economy of a nation, or the availability of basics such as electricity and water. In Feb 2021, a SCADA attack on a water treatment plant actually poisoned a water source. In October 2020 in Mumbai, a 12 hour blackout was supposedly pinned on PLC Malware.

ICS and SCADA systems are present across all industries ranging from manufacturing, to logistics and transport, healthcare and more. The worrying part is that a majority of these systems have poor to non-existent security measures after being connected to the internet.

Security testing operational technology systems comes with it’s own set of challenges and requires different skillsets, tools and approaches. R.U.D.R.A has a very strong operational technology wing, having audited Maritime systems, Power Plants and Wind Turbines in the past, we can handle your requirements with ease.