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Ships today are essentially a floating orchestration of advanced computer systems governing everything from navigation and control systems, to mission critical information systems that keep internation trade and logistics alive. Cyber incidents aboard maritime vessles can lead to immense loss in terms of human life, damage to environment and business. Our in-house products are tailor made to the requirements of the maritime industry

We Built

FutureKonnect is a platform designed to securely manage shipboard system networks, seamlessly integrating multiple satellite connections and segregating networks with aboard with full observability and response capabilities. A suite of services around security operations is also offered by RUDRA to a variety of shipping companies

The maritime industry, with its complex and critical role in international trade and logistics, has increasingly become a target for cyber threats. Ships, now laden with sophisticated computer systems for navigation, control, and operational purposes, present unique challenges in cybersecurity management. To address these vulnerabilities, specialized cybersecurity solutions like ‘FutureKonnect’, along with a comprehensive suite of services by RUDRA, are tailored to safeguard the maritime sector.

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Maritime Sector

► Complexity of Systems: Modern ships are equipped with a multitude of interconnected systems, from GPS for navigation to automated cargo handling systems. Each of these systems, if compromised, could lead to disastrous outcomes including loss of cargo, environmental damage, or even threats to human life.

► Regulatory Compliance: The maritime industry is governed by international regulations that include cybersecurity mandates. Vessels must comply with these regulations to ensure not just the safety and security of the ship and its cargo but also the broader maritime environment.

► Connectivity: The reliance on satellite communications for real-time data exchange with shore-based operations and other vessels increases the attack surface for cyber threats. The necessity for continuous connectivity exposes these systems to potential unauthorized access and data breaches.

Physical and Cyber Threat Convergence: Incidents in the maritime domain often have the potential to bridge the gap between cyber and physical security, where a cyber incident can lead to physical damage or vice versa, complicating the response and mitigation strategies. ‘FutureKonnect’ Solution

How FutureKonnect Solves It

Secure Network Management

It ensures the secure configuration and management of shipboard system networks, integrating various satellite connections while maintaining strict network segregation. This segregation is crucial in limiting the spread of cyber incidents across systems.

Full Observability

The platform provides full observability over network activities, allowing for the detection of anomalous behaviors or unauthorized access attempts. This capability is key in early detection and response to potential cyber threats in today’s world.

Response Capabilities

Beyond detection, ‘FutureKonnect’ offers response capabilities that enable the crew or remote cybersecurity teams to take immediate action against detected threats, minimizing potential damage.

Unified Security Operations

RUDRA offers a suite of security operations services tailored to the maritime industry. These services, in conjunction with ‘FutureKonnect’, provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity, including continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, incident response, and recovery operations.

Compliance and Reporting

It helps in maintaining compliance with international maritime cybersecurity regulations by providing detailed logs and reports necessary for regulatory audits.

Choose for cutting-edge maritime cybersecurity. Our solution offers secure network management with integrated satellite connectivity, ensuring robust threat containment. Benefit from real-time observability, swift anomaly detection, and response capabilities. Simplify compliance with our detailed logs and audit-ready reports.