Incident Response

Incident response is the methodology an organization uses to respond to and manage a cyberattack.

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“There are two types of companies : Those that have been hacked,
and those that will be” – Robert Mueller, FBI Director 2012

Analysis Detection

Recovery Containment

As of 2021, we would say that there are two types of companies – those that know they’ve been hacked, and those that don’t.
Incident response is how an organisation responds to a cyber incident. This multi-faceted discipline involves restoring operations as early as possible while preserving digital evidence to trace the source of the attack whilst simultaneously sanitizing all effected systems.
Some ‘softer’ questions must also be addressed such as how information is communicated about the incident to other entities; for example the media, stakeholders, customers etc. A well thought out and rehearsed incident response plan can often make a huge difference to how a brand is perceived and how much money is lost due to an incident.