Google Workspace Integrations

Deep integrations between Google Workspace and other productivity applications allow work to happen seamlessly across platforms, all from inside Google Workspace.

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Borealis - Google Workspace Intelligence Tool

-Take control over your data

Over 6 million organisations worldwide use Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) for business. Gmail and Google Drive are often the primary tools used to store and share data internally, as well as externally.  However as an organisation scales, it is difficult to keep track of which data is shared with whom, and what kinds of data are shared outside the organisation. When the number of employees increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage this problem and within time, the data present within Google Workspace is essentially a black box.

Borealis Suite solves this problem. Integrating with Google’s API’s, we present every bit of data within the company’s domain thorough a single viewpoint. Efficient dashboards allow an organisation to take full control over their data – unsharing millions of files at a time with a single click

We’ve got you covered:
  • Understand what data is present across all your Google Drive accounts
  • Understand who your data is shared with
  • Identify breached accounts (internal, as well as external) that have access to your companies data
  • Unshare millions of files in a single click with granular control
  • Graph relationships between your data
  • Gain insights into data patterns and optimise your workflows
Value proposition

  1. Protect your business assets : Organisations often share key data with vendors and contractors for a particular project, however they seldom unshare this data when a project is completed. Over time, this can lead to a lot of data shared with an unknown number of people. Take full control over your data

  2. Meet Compliance Requirements :

  • Business contracts are bringing increasingly tight cybersecurity claues – for good reason that too. No one wants a data breach on their hands. Our tool enables you to spot potential trouble much before it manifests. Borealis can flag files that contain sensitive data (such as credentials, passwords, PII/CII) and inform the concerned personnel, automatically isolate breached acccounts by unsharing all data across all drives with them.
  • Protect your business against data loss – Borealis can identify potential attempts at data exfilteration and reduce the risk of insider threats.