deep and dark web Intelligence

Deep and Dark Web  refers to websites that are hidden or omitted from standard web searching and crawling or require an alternative means to access them aside from normal web browsing.

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What is Deep and Dark Web Intelligence?

The deep and dark web are places of interest to a variety of audiences. Governments and law enforcement need to keep a finger on the pulse of the digital underworld to stay ahead of the game, and keep their citizens safe from cyber threat actors.

Enterprises also like to maintain an overview of their exposures on the deep & dark web. Intelligence is power, and in business knowing what information about your business is being discussed/sold on the dark web can mean a world of difference.

The Dark Web data trading forums are filled with data dumps of enterprises, often exposing millions of dollars worth of IP, employee credentials and identities, contracts and much more.

At R.U.D.R.A, we value strong intelligence. We have a long standing presence on the DarkWeb and utilize our technologies to create intelligent maps of information available.
We have successfully performed OSINT exercises for the Government of India and numerous other enterprises on the Deep and Dark Web.