Application Security

Even on corporate intranets, web applications are known to be the source of numerous data breaches. A hacked website or app, can lead to compromise of your customers, data, business and brand. Even a single static website can be leveraged to severely damage a brand’s reputation.

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WAPT : Web Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Testing is conducted by highly skilled technical auditors through manual and automated methods as per the OWASP standards. We also provide load and stress testing of applications

Source Code Review

SAST using best in class tools, and manual approaches to ensure that no bug goes unseen. Auditing third party dependencies through ‘Software Composition Analysis’ will ensure that all your dependencies are also secure.

Mobile Testing

• Audit the security of your mobile apps, and API’s that serve them through source code analysis and dynamic testing
• iOS and Android testing

Web Defenses:

• Custom Web Application Firewall Deployment and tuning
• Application Hardening
• DDOS protection and availability
• Multi – layered protection from infrastructure to application layer
• Automated alerting, uptime monitoring – SIEM/SOC building