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Resource Unit for Defense Resilience and Analytics

We are engineering driven cybersecurity company that provides solutions for enterprises; managing the complexities of your security requirements end-to-end, delivering a full suite of services ranging from consultations and assessments, to implementations and managing your security operations. Our breath and depth of experience in IT and OT infrastructure enables us to cater to your business requirements, be it on premises, in the cloud, air-gapped, or hybrid environments. Cybersecurity is not a vertical; it is a horizontal that spans across every process in a business. This holistic perspective of business context, regulatory requirements and a strong technical foundation, enables us to deliver the best.


It is difficult to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity. We understand this landscape, affording us a holistic perspective suited to recommend, design, build and operate security solutions to perfectly suit your business demands. Born out of a passion driven offensive R&D on niche technologies, we have grown to understand the requirements of businesses, and the regulatory frameworks that need to be complied with.

Thought leadership

RUDRA invests a significant portion of it’s revenue into cyber R&D. We focus on key technologies of the future, developing expertise in technical domains to solve future problems. Our R&D efforts currently span a variety of topics ranging from Cyber-Physical systems and Radios to Generative AI security. We regularly showcase our expertise at global events and conferences, and contribute significantly to open source.


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